Meine Freundin hat gerade entbunden, was kann ich ihr schenken ? helloboxshop

My girlfriend just gave birth, what can I give her?

The newcomer is coming soon..

Becoming a new mother is a joyful time for the mother, family and friends - with the sole focus of all this doe-eyed adoration being on the newcomer. Within a few weeks, the precious bundle of joy will be showered with a range of beautiful gifts, from toys to teddies, from cribs to clothes and from books to blankets.

But what can you give the new mom?

So often the new mom is inundated with baby gifts without having anything for herself. Of course, congratulating your boyfriend, wife or girlfriend with something special is just as important, but what gifts do new moms really want? How about a cup with the saying Mama needs some coffee? Sounds cute and causes empathy for the new mommy's sleepless nights or :)

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