10 Best Gift Ideas Gor Newborns

Geschenkideen für neugeborenen


If you're celebrating a friend's baby on the go, you'll want to bring the perfect baby shower gift! But it can be difficult to think of something unique, meaningful, and expressing your love for the new baby and their parents.

If you're running out of newborn gift ideas, look no further. With these 10 ideas from Newton Baby you will definitely find something suitable.

The best gift ideas for newborns

We have divided our gift ideas into two sections: gifts for babies and gifts for mum and dad. Show your love for the new little ones and their parents with the ideas below!


Gifts for babies from Germany

  • 1) Handmade art

Create your own artwork to match baby's nursery! If you are not artistically inclined, visit a local art sale.

         2) Crib mattress

A good night's sleep is priceless. Give the gift of healthy sleep with a breathable crib mattress. Babies can breathe directly through Newton's crib mattress, plus it's comfortable and washable from cover to core. Goodbye mould, bacteria and allergens!



  • 3) Monogrammed Burp Cloths
Babies go through a lot of burp cloths. Help mom and dad stock up on monogrammed or embroidered burp cloths.
  • 4) Basket of baby safe essentials
Babies will start moving and turning around in no time. Give parents a head start on baby security by putting together a basket of things they need like outlet covers and closet security latches.
  • 5) mattress topper

When chaos ensues late at night, the new parents will be thankful for a mattress topper. Newton mattress pads are machine washable for quick and easy cleaning.
  • 6) Monthly Milestone Blanket

A monthly milestone blanket makes it easy to get that social media-worthy photo to show off baby's growth each month.

  • 7) Rocking chair

A perfect gift for hours of rocking, snuggling and snuggling for the new little one.

  • 8) Stack of books

Invest in your baby's education with a stack of great books.

  • 9) Personalized Book

Spark a lifetime of imagination with a personalized book that features baby's name in the title and throughout the book.

  • 10) Combination of book and blanket

Create a cute book and blanket combo gift for lots of reading snuggles.